Another GOP Rep & Wife Under Assault by the Progressives


We have another Herman Cain-Judge Kavanaugh-Justice Thomas et al type assault on a North Carolina congressman, Mark Walker. The allegations are what you would expect from Democrats.

Once these types of accusations and threats are made they are like pillow feathers in the wind.


Walker is the incumbent who has been verbally attacked since Progressive Ryan Watts entered the race. He has a lot of friends who are spreading ad hominem attacks and subtle threats.

Walker didn’t want to address it but he has no choice since they have gotten out of hand. For a year, the attacks have been coming.

They are after him and now his wife.

“I have remained silent for more than a year as Ryan and his friends have spread garbage, attacking my wife Kelly while also mentioning my children. The latest smear being peddled is that I am having an extramarital affair with another man,” he wrote on Facebook.

He continued, “This is new territory for us but I hope that people understand why I must fight back. This has gone on long enough and I will not remain silent anymore. Coming after me is one thing, accusing my wife of being sexually involved with another lady is way out of bounds. The smear campaign with the hate and vitriol we’ve seen across the country appears to have arrived in North Carolina.”


When he talks about Ryan’s wingman, he means this “Drew” person. He shares every foul thing on the Internet about Republicans and makes comments of his own. This guy isn’t alone. It seems the Indivisibles might have pit their domestic terrorists on him.

He reported one of them for using a bomb emoji. Now they’re mocking him for doing it, but given the threats and intimidation tactics of the far-left, Walker should take it seriously.

The man who sent the tweet sent other threatening messages.

The person behind the tweets – which included the “bomb” emoji and an attempt to track down information about the congressman’s daughter’s school and whether it was public or private – was identified as Andrew Cabaccang, a Montana-based man who previously resided in Raleigh, The News and Observer reported.
“Following weeks of threatening bombing references, attempts to locate the school Walker’s daughter attends, and mentions of his family and home address, our staff submitted the messages to Capitol Police,” Walker campaign spokesman Jack Minor said in a statement.
The Capitol police found it threatening enough to pay the guy a visit. The attacker found Walker to be “petty.” Has he forgotten the GOP baseball shooting?
It’s not all that petty when you are on the receiving end.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

This appears TO BE a criminal threat…and should be handled as such…

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

These people are not interested in truth, they have a cause which is to transform America into a socialist paradise through any means necessary.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Paradise??? Talk about complete “fruit cakes” if they fall for that faerie tale….

Kenneth Hladek
Kenneth Hladek
5 years ago

Mrs. Ford should be ashamed of herself. She has opened up herself to this criticism by being a liar.