Another Hard-Left DA Wins Queens! Dems Embrace Communism


The Communist Party USA retweeted the glorious news that another hard-left candidate was elected to office in Queens. It’s not just any office, it’s Queen’s district attorney, and according to the communist/socialist Jacobin magazine, she knows who the bad guys are.

We don’t know if she considers herself a communist, but her agenda sure is that. She plans to arrest ICE agents in courthouses.

Red diaper baby Bernie is overjoyed. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren all backed this leftist. Some of DA-elect Tiffany Caban’s funding came from a Soros PAC. Read more about that here on this link.

She plans to end the incarceration of poor people, and she will hold landlords and bosses accountable for their crimes.

Caban was endorsed by communist/Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is of the same mind as Larry Krasner in Philly who decides what is a crime and who gets charged. The only problem is the Soros-funded civil rights attorney is lawless.

Soros is funding other communist DA’s to destroy the criminal justice system from within.


Caban described herself to Jacobin as a “queer Latina from a low-income community.” She said she will favor the poor and minorities in the interest of her idea of “fairness.”

She promises “not to prosecute low-level offenses” and she will “prosecute bad landlords and construction bosses.” She will define “low-level” and “bad” since she is lawless. Her plan is to allow turnstile jumpers and shoplifters free reign.

Tiffany really doesn’t like landlords, evictions, and foreclosures. It’s stealing to her. She doesn’t like to see abusive domestic partners necessarily go in and out of the system. They have good qualities too and they need “support.”

She plans to abolish Rikers prison. Caban wants to provide drugs and therapy to the prisoners and get them out of those cages. The new DA sees incarceration as a “failure of our system.” Rather than saying, “Hey, we’re going to criminalize you and throw you into the criminal justice system,” she will provide resources.

The Queens “queer” plans to change police behavior as well.

Sex workers will be legal under her reign.

If you want to read more, go to Jacobinmag, ‘Tiffany Caban Knows Who the Bad Guys Are.’ The sad thing about all this is the Democrats have now fully embraced communism. There is no resistance to it at all.


Unfortunately, Progressives, Communists, Socialists, Democratic Socialists, the Democratic Party are now inseparable. They all have much in common with each other and nothing much in common with traditional Americans. To them, we are all radicals and racists.

There is an excellent article at Frontpage you might want to read which details the melding. The author Joseph Klein points to a Gallup poll published last October showing that less than half of Democrats view capitalism positively.

That is a big change since 2012 and 2016. The sad truth is that 57% of Democrats now view socialism positively, virtually the same as in 2016 but up 4 percentage points from 2012.

Americans aged 18 to 29 are six percent more positive about socialism than they are about capitalism, according to the Gallup poll. That’s a change for the worse too.

Socialist Bernie Sanders and ultra-leftist Elizabeth Warren, along with the many opinion makers, have made ‘capitalism’ synonymous with the greedy rich. They made ‘socialism’ into a “romantic fantasy” Klein says. They are the Robin Hoods returning wealth to its rightful owners through a communist-degree of wealth redistribution — free healthcare, dental, vision, longterm care, child care, college and debt cancellation with a wealth tax as all communists eventually implement.

The Democrat Party is ready to be devoured by the communist/socialist wolves.

We will see many more of these communists/progressives winning office. Keep in mind they hate Liberals, Libertarians, Republicans, Conservatives, and if someone isn’t far-left enough they will hate them too.

Without the rule of law, you do not have freedom.

  • Right on target, again, Herb.
    All of the “candidates and applicants who failed to make it through military BOOT CAMP, and failed U.S. History are now running the Pentagon and will devise our new policy……………RATS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE SHIP
    We have failed to eradicate those persons who favor the overturning of our government and society by any means……………………………………………………

  • At the end of the “road” … the communist, and, will soon be eating out of garbage cans along with ‘We the Serfs’ — if there’s any garbage to find.
    A lawless, freebies society cannot long endure.

  • The state of NY with all its commies/leftists will soon be what they want it to be. Venezuela. I see a mass exodus of law-abiding, taxpaying citizens to other more family values friendly areas.
    Then the businesses will desert the city due to the ridiculous illegal activities allowed by the choice of commies to be in elected positions.
    When will the patriot citizens of these states/cities/areas have had enough of the commie infiltration? Time for the subjugation of the rule of law to be reversed. Wake up, America.

  • Another “Soros Funded Communist Infiltration” before he dies; the rest of the Socialist/Communists/Marxist
    that are just outright pushing for their Sick Rules, WILL turn N.Y. into the garbage bin of society.

    Obama, had his way for 8 long years, with Soros, ‘his puppet master’ for their agenda of a “One World Order” where America, ceases to be a sovereign nation, with our Constitution as the law of the land, that does protect American citizens FROM an oppressive government. Obama shredded that Constitution on a daily basis, and made gov’t MORE involved in people’s lives.

    1. Gun control against their own protection for their families and themselves.

    2. Control the Food(as Michelle had kids eating HER idea of lunches)to control a society(like Russia did)

    3. Erase the Constitution for ‘free speech’….as the Corrupt Dems’ have FaceBook/Google/etal. deciding that
    THEY decide who can reach the public, as they ‘remove ANY and ALL opposition to their agenda.

    4. Using the “Illegal Alien Invasion of America to become their corrupt Democrat Voter Base, since blacks
    appear to be waking up to the Lies/Control that Dems have used on them, for Decades.

    5. The list goes on and on, but the “Globalists’ who want to RULE AMERICAN CITIZENS, through their
    being now, the “Ruling Class” over WE the peons WITHOUT OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS,
    such as the ‘corrupt billionaire Soros, who IS the Democrat Party Ruler, as he Pays for the Illegals
    coming in from all over the world to “BANKRUPT, AMERICA”…should be charged NOW. He as a
    young boy, turned in his OWN Jewish people to the Nazi’s, in return for money in selling their goods.

    Those who promote “Socialism, which is a SLOW WALK TOWARDS COMMUNISM” have tried for years to Take down America, and it was Never worse than when Marxist, Obama had 8 yrs. to make the difference, with his minions, like “Red Diaper Baby, David Axelrod, Terrorists’ Bill Ayres/wife, Bernadette, Socialist Trumka-Pres.of the Unions, America Hater-Rev.Wright, and the list goes On and On and On……..

    Wake up people, the ONLY way America survives this “Takeover, is Trump in 2020 who actually DOES love this Republic, and KNEW we were in great danger under Obama, and he came forward.” It is WHY they constantly attack him 24/7, because Hillary was supposed to “take over where Obama, left off.” BUT, the people spoke, and WE elected POTUS Trump.”