Another Hillary Email Exposes the Dark Underbelly of Our US Administration


PickeringFormer US ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering was picked by the State Department to review the Benghazi events. He didn’t interview Hillary but did whitewash her involvement in the affair while blaming it on underlings. The truth was found out when whistleblowers testified. Except for Fox News, the media ignored the facts.

It seems he was up to other more covert actions at the time. He shared a plan with Hillary, which she apparently considered, to foment rebellion in Palestine to bring Israel to the negotiation table.

We have a US ambassador planning Palestinian demonstrations against Israel – our ally – in a Dec, 18, 2011, email which was picked up by Adam Credo of the Washington Free Beacon. He described it as a “game changer in the region”. Clinton asked for the email to be printed and was obviously considering it. We don’t know if she followed through.

“What will change the situation is a major effort to use non-violent protests and demonstrations to put peace back in the center of people’s aspirations as well as their thoughts, and use that to influence the political leadership,” Pickering wrote.

How do you do something like this in that part of the world and keep it from becoming violent? You don’t.

Pickering said it had to be covert.

“Most of all the United States, in my view, cannot be seen to have stimulated, encouraged or be the power behind it for reasons you will understand better than anyone,” he wrote, suggesting that the government enlist liberal non-profit groups in Israel. “I believe third parties and a number NGOs [non-government organizations] on both sides would help.”

In another 2010 email, her aide Ann Marie Slaughter suggested shaming Israel with a Pledge for Palestine campaign among millionaires and billionaires. She also suggested tapping the “Clinton fundraising network” in order to raise the money needed.

The Clinton Foundation is under heavy suspicion and there are reports that Hillary is being investigated for mixing Clinton Foundation work with State Department business.

The whole thing just stinks.

The State Department is fomenting so-called peaceful revolution in the Middle East but when the Iranian people marched in the streets and were slaughtered by the Mullahs’ police forces, this administration was silent because they wanted their incredibly bad peace deal.

The administration is racing to release the $150 billion in funds to Iran which Iran will use to sponsor terrorism.

When we think back to the Arab Spring, how many of us suspected the covert forces in the US government were involved? Perhaps they were.

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