Another Idiotic Speech from Mayor Rawlings of Dallas


rawlings jerk

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings gave another typical useless, uninspiring, irrelevant speech one might expect from a Democrat.  He said, we must address U.S.’ ‘shortcomings,’ our ‘greatest sin, slavery’.

Every country has engaged in the horrendous practice and many still do. My husband’s family were serfs. Mine didn’t have slaves, they were farmers and the rest were Indians who were rounded up so leave me alone. Even most southerners didn’t have slaves – the wealthy landowners did.

It was a horrid practice but what does that have to do with the murder of innocent police officers who were serving and protecting?

Five police were murdered and seven were wounded and this man is giving speeches about slavery.

“This is the men and women that were shot last night. I think we can, and I think we must. Can we, as a community, truly and deeply understand the pain that racial discrimination and the greatest sin in America, slavery has created through history, can we understand that? Yet accept God’s grace of forgiveness and put yesterday’s battles aside to address and build a city and a country that Dr. King dreamt of? Can we do that? Can we do it by being honest about today’s shortcomings? And building a decided that truly gives all citizens who we all love the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? I think we can.”



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