Another Judge Rules Against the Government on Sanctuary Cities

Edgardo Ramos

A judge in the Southern District of New York Egardo Ramos on Friday ruled against the Trump administration’s move to withhold grant funding from law enforcement agencies of so-called sanctuary cities, saying it was illegal and unconstitutional.

Judge Ramos said the government “did not have lawful authority” to make states alert federal agents when an undocumented immigrant is going to be released from state or local custody and allow federal agents to question immigrants in custody about their legal status in order for states and cities to receive funding.

In his ruling, Ramos blocked the government from enforcing those conditions on New York, New York City and the six states that also challenged the requirements: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington.

Independent Sentinel is in New York and we are overrun by foreigners. How many are legal?


The ruling about funding for police might be correct but keeping law enforcement from notifying ICE when criminal aliens are released while taking federal money is disgraceful.

New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood (D) called the court’s decision a major win.


At least commie Bill de Blasio was booed at the tree lighting. It’s becoming a regular thing. He was booed at the Al Smith dinner, at the police graduation, at the Dominican Day parade, and at other venues.

The sad thing is New Yorkers will keep voting for him or won’t show up to vote.



  1. Edgardo Ramos found under a rock 1960 is not a judge. He was not appointed by a President. His rulings have no legal effect. He should be impeached. As the eligibility of the queer communist Quisling pretender is relevant and material to his status, the impeachment will involve a competent comprehensive official investigation of Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961, about a decade overdue.

  2. Hey Edgardo Ramos, go look up seat belt laws and government funding if not enforced by states, get lost idiot!!!!!!! get this sh*t to the supreme court and end this crap!!!!!!!

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