Another Left-Wing Outlet’s Cutting 10 Percent of the Staff


WSJ reports that Vice Media will join BuzzFeed and HuffPo in cutting 10% of its workforce. Some worry that this casts a pale over the future of new media companies that once seemed to hold the keys to the online-publishing business.

Vice is going to restructure globally and will cut 250 jobs. Its international divisions won’t go by countries, but rather by regions according to its five lines of business.

These lines are Studios, News, Digital, TV and Virtue, the company’s in-house advertising agency.

The company’s weekly show on HBO—called “Vice,” and long its most high-profile brand flagship—will also be ending. The Daily News show will continue.

WSJ attributes it to an increasingly difficult online-advertising market and investors whose backing came with the expectation of red-hot returns.

We are not so sure those are the only reasons for their troubles.

BuzzFeed posts fake news constantly and all HuffPo has to offer is hate and biased left reporting. There are so many in that market.

Ironically, BuzzFeed, the allegedly hippest, most liberal media outlets, laid a lot of people off. The outlet reportedly laid off 15% its staff. It had about 1,450 employees, which means over 200 people got the boot. They are accused of mostly laying off women, POC and LGBTQ employees.

And now there’s VICE.

Shawna Thomas is the Washington, DC Bureau Chief for VICE News and a senior producer and occasional correspondent for VICE. She changed the tone of the outlet and it’s further left than it was. It also didn’t help that the NY Times ran a hit piece on the outlet.


Vice media is apparently an unsafe working environment for women, at least according to the New York Times reporting.

The New York Times conducted an investigation and found four settlements for sexual harassment or defamation. Is that a lot?

They relied on anonymous sources.

They wrote: But as Vice Media has built itself from a fringe Canadian magazine into a nearly $6 billion global media company, its boundary-pushing culture created a workplace that was degrading and uncomfortable for women, current and former employees say.

The Times article goes on to blame older men and adds: The settlements and the many episodes of harassment the women described depict a top-down ethos of male entitlement at Vice, where women said they felt like just another party favor at an organization where partying often was an extension of the job.

That didn’t help the outlet. It tainted them, perhaps unfairly.

Do you think it’s the Trump effect or hit pieces aimed at everyone that are causing or adding to the problem? What about the lack of confidence in the trustworthiness of media outlets?

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