Another Major Democratic City Reaches a “Tipping Point”


Since the liberal-communist mayor Bill de Blasio took office a little less than two years ago, New York City has become a scary place filled with vagrants, porn peddlers, and criminals. There are now four thousand people sleeping on the streets and at least 80 homeless tent cities.

Beggars are making $75 a day.

de Blasio

Illegal immigrants are pouring into the city and are welcomed. Some of them are on the streets along with a lot of drug addicts. Some are dangerous.

Arrests for aggressive panhandling, lewd behavior, public urination, exposure, and street drinking have plunged. There is an epidemic of drugs on the street.

Actually, the Sinoloa drug cartel has made New York City and Long Island their biggest venture. They recently offered free drugs as a gimmick to get new customers.

They are in front of monuments, subways, department stores but when a panhandler showed up at the mayor’s abode, Gracie Mansion, he had him escorted off the premises.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “It’s hard not to conclude that we have a major homeless problem. Police Chief Bill Bratton said we are at “a tipping point.” Even de Blasio admits there is a problem. He just won’t take the blame for it but New York City had no visible problem before he was elected and now, not even two years later, New York City does.

Bratton said officers would tackle the problem with the department’s chief of patrol by asking the homeless, “why are you out here”, “where are you from.”

Oh, yeah, that’ll work.

De Blasio has been reforming the police department as part of his “Progressive” aka communist agenda. It’s working as expected.

One of the first things he did was get rid of “Stop and Frisk” and one of the first things that went up was crime.

Bill Bratton
Bill Bratton

If the police stop to frisk a potential criminal now, a form has to be filled out right on the spot. It’s probably in different languages though I don’t know that for a fact.

Heroine is being visibly sold on the streets for $10 a fix.

Former mayor Rudy Giuliani, who cleaned up the city after the last communist mayor, David Dinkins, told NBC 4 New York that his message was: “You chase ’em and you chase ’em and you chase ’em and you chase ’em, and they either get the treatment that they need or you chase ’em out of the city. I had a rule. You don’t get to live on the streets.”

He did too. I remember Dinkins and I remember how he cleaned up the city.

De Blasio is trying to say it’s just that there are more homeless people and the rents are too high.

There are 35,000 shelters available for the homeless. They don’t need to be on the streets.

Read the exclusive story at the Daily Mail

Homeless in New York


NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 20: A homeless man walks down the street on June 20, 2011 in New York City. According to an annual report on the city's homeless population conducted by the Coalition for the Homeless, a record 113,553 people turned to shelters last year. This was an eight percent increase over the previous year and is a 37 percent increase since 2002. While the reasons for the increase are numerous, the economy and the unemployment rate played a significant part in the numbers. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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  1. The pathetic thing is that Mayor Giuliani had NYC where it was a great place to live and visit. Just look at how things have changed. I’m from Denver, so I’m used to the good life where people visit to have a fun adventure and most of the people work. Ex-Mayor, Hickenlooper set a budget of millions of dollars for a 10 year period for the “homeless”. Named 42 people to the governing board, most of whom, were in the charity business. Didn’t get better, now it’s worse because they were nothing more that “poverty pimps”

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