Slick Barry Lied! Obama Actually Slapped Netanyahu in the Face


Barack Obama wasn’t blindsided by Netanyahu.

Barack Obama was informed about the Boehner invitation asking Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress before the invitation was extended to the Prime Minister.

Obama wasn’t blindsided and he wasn’t slapped in the face nor was it much of a breach of protocol since he knew in advance.

Just another lie from Dear Leader.

Obama knew

The NY Times made the little noticed correction seen in the screenshot above on January 30th after the damage was done. The correction went unnoticed as they had hoped. I was sent the correction by a Twitter friend Eli Tabori.

I posted the information about the correction on another article on the 31st: ‘80% of Iran’s demands are being met by an administration at war with Israel

On January 21st, the Wall Street Journal reported that “The Obama administration called the move a breach of diplomatic protocol because neither Congress nor Israel consulted first with the White House”.

“We found out from Boehner’s staff this morning — no heads up from the Israelis, and no discussion with Boehner’s staff in advance either,” said a senior administration official, according to the Journal.

Apparently, Omri Ceren posted it on his Twitter page on the 30th as I discovered from The Gateway Pundit this morning. It’s also appeared on The American Thinker. Where it hasn’t appeared is in the mainstream media, the state-sponsored Obama media who work covert ops for him.

The interesting thing is that John Boehner said during the 60 minutes interview with Mitch McConnell that he informed Barack Obama before the invitation was extended. The networks including CBS didn’t discuss that, they discussed how Boehner and McConnell allegedly “bombed.”

Boehner and McConnell are not as slick as Obama who knew that Netanyahu did not blindside him and who let the lie continue.

The NY Times knew but put it in as a small correction few would see well after the fact and well after they had to have known.

Not only did Barack Obama mislead the American public to make Netanyahu look bad, the media collaborated in the lie through silence and deception.

We were all told that protocol had been violated and we were told that Barack Obama was blindsided. It wasn’t true.

Are Americans okay with the president of the United States constantly lying to them like some tinpot dictator in a banana republic?

People need to get this information out.

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