Another Obamacare Repeal But This One Is Different


A new repeal of Obamacare is underway but this time, it’s different. Ryan will present a bill to replace Obamacare. It will also combine with a Senate version.

This afternoon, the House Rules Committee will begin discussion of the repeal and replacement of Obamacare aka The Affordable Care Act which has proven unaffordable for many who have to pay their own healthcare and that of millions of others under the socialist bill.

After the debate which could end Tuesday, Congress will then send the measure directly to President Obama for consideration, as the Republican-led Senate has already passed its version of the repeal.

Obama will not undo his signature bill and Congress does not have the votes to override.

The Congress has never debated a bill that attempts to override the law as no one has ever created a plan that would pass in either chamber.

Part of the bill’s lack of affordability stems from promises made that are unsustainable. The unaffordable benefits and the health welfare people have become accustomed to won’t be repealed without a rebellion. People want others to pay for their healthcare.

In their 2010 “Pledge to America”, House Republicans proposed repealing and replacing Obamacare. This is the first time they have come up with a bill to replace it.

They have in the past voted 60 times to repeal it.

Republican voters have long wanted their representatives to present a bill that replaces Obamacare and let Obama veto it. Why it wasn’t done sooner is a mystery.

Obama won’t sign it but we will get to see what the alternative looks like and something will seemingly get to the president’s desk. Obama’s had it easy – he only gets the bills that he wants and Democrats never have to show their true colors by voting down a thing.

Is this the next best thing or should Republicans have shut down the government?


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