Another of Moore’s Accusers Has Many Serious Issues, Including Violence, Fraud

657 painted a sympathetic portrait of one of Moore’s accusers, Tina Johnson. Her accusation concerned an alleged incident 26 years ago. The allegations by other women are nearly 40 years old.

Breitbart has reviewed the same court documents as and came away with a. different picture.

For one thing, Moore represented her mother in a very contentious case against Johnson which is not how described it. They made it appear as if she was signing custody of her son over to her mother without any problem and that was that.

Breitbart said something quite different and called it a nasty custody case for Johnson’s then 12-year-old son, Daniel Sitz. Johnson’s mother called her daughter an unfit, absent, and unstable mother. She accused her of taking her son from his elementary school against his will – “forcefully”. Johnson’s mother was ultimately awarded custody in the case.

According to the documents, as Breitbart tells it:

One affidavit signed by Johnson’s mother while she was represented by Moore accused Johnson of having a “violent nature” and noted that she “has been treated by a psychiatrist when she was approximately 15 years of age.” Johnson was a teenage mother.

Separate criminal documents show that, as late as 2010, Johnson was arrested and pled guilty to felony fraud charges related to checks belonging to a family member. She also entered a court drug program. reported that it “located the court documents from 1991, detailing the custody transfer.” They left out the entire nasty affair and the allegations of Johnson as “unfit.” barely mentioned Johnson’s 2010 crime. They did write deep into the article that she “has pled guilty to writing bad checks, and for third-degree theft of property, which she said stemmed from family disagreement over the care of her late stepfather.”

The Breitbart article provided more detail. On February 25, 2010, she was arrested for the felony charge of criminal possession of a forged instrument and theft by deception according to court documents. She wrote checks in the name of her stepfather who personally filed the charges, according to the criminal records.

The documents are not readily available and we have not examined them.

Johnson will not return calls.


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