Another Problem with Obamacare Is the Eugenics



Johnathan Gruber, one of the elite who will determine our future

Real Clear Politics has the video of an interview between news correspondent Chuck Todd and yet another Obamacare architect, Professor Jonathan Gruber of MIT.  Gruber is an economics professor who lays claim to being a healthcare expert. Slate, the socialist online mag, loves him.

The Obamacare law was designed, Gruber says, to cancel some policies.

This is further proof that the Administration knew about and actually planned for the cancellations.

Gruber doesn’t want the issue of cancelled policies resolved, because they were meant to be dropped so the clients would have no choice but to go onto the exchanges.

Obamacare eliminates choice.

It’s only several million affected, this ‘caring’ person said.

It gets worse.

This is the killer from the interview – Gruber said we have a highly discriminatory (healthcare) system because the genetic lottery winners haven’t been paying enough and they need to pay for the sick.

This is social engineering carried to an extreme.

Once the government decides who is genetically superior or genetically benefitting, you can be sure we are going down a very dangerous road.

While this is somewhat the reverse of famed Eugenicist and abortionist, Margaret Sanger, in that they want the healthy to pay through the nose for the sick, it is a worldview that holds some up as genetically superior. It is also an attempt to redistribute wealth and health services based on the government’s view of who is genetically suited to have the help or not.

JONATHAN GRUBER, M.I.T.: Let’s start with understanding that we’re not talking about the vast majority of Americans. This law is really leaving those with employer insurance, those with government insurance alone. We’re talking about a small minority of Americans that buy insurance on their own through the individual market.

CHUCK TODD: Still millions of people.

GRUBER: Exactly. It’s 12 million people, about a third of which will end up paying more under this law. And that as you said in the introductions sort of the idea. We currently have a highly discriminatory system where if you’re sick, if you’ve been sick or [if] you’re going to get sick, you cannot get health insurance.

The only way to end that discriminatory system is to bring everyone into the system and pay one fair price. That means that the genetic winners, the lottery winners who’ve been paying an artificially low price because of this discrimination now will have to pay more in return. And that, by my estimate, is about four million people. In return, we’ll have a fixed system where over 30 million people will now for the first time be able to access fairly price and guaranteed health insurance.

This is socialism and socialized medicine at its worst.

What happens if the government decides down the road that the genetically superior should be given all the healthcare services because they are superior? This should not be in the government’s province to do but Obamacare gets them there.

Do you ever ask yourself how it is that socialist economics professors are very important in determining our healthcare?

For more information on how eugenicists can destroy lives, read about Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger on this link.  She once said, “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

Read about Peter Singer, eugencist, on this link. Singer was one of Obama’s healthcare administrators. He once said, infants aren’t normal human beings with rights to life and liberty: “Characteristics like rationality, autonomy and self-consciousness…make a difference. Infants lack these characteristics.Killing them, therefore, cannot be equated with killing normal human beings.”

Eugenics is what guided Hitler.

Once the State has control over your healthcare, dangerous people like this can do anything they want once they are in power. Centralized medicine turns over the power and the choices of healthcare over to a small number of elite.


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