Another Shoe Drops! Ryancare Cut the Provision to Crack Down on Coverage for Illegal Aliens


A report out of Reuters has some Republicans – conservatives – angry over the latest problem with Ryancare. After the tweaking process, a provision was deleted that cracked down on illegal aliens collecting federal healthcare insurance.

There are reportedly 30 to 50 Republicans who might not vote for Ryancare though Ryan and President Trump are optimistic. This will add another wrinkle.

The provision they cut allowed the Treasury Department to access Homeland Security data to verify the healthcare tax credits are going only to citizens and legal permanent residents.

The Senate Parliamentarian, suddenly the most powerful person in the Senate, determined the Senate Finance committee, which handles tax credits, has no power over the Department of Homeland Security.

The Parliamentarian should be ignored said Senator Cruz when the issue arose over the number of votes needed to pass Ryancare.

Nearly two weeks ago, Senator Ted Cruz said it isn’t the Parliamentarian who rules, it’s the Vice President.

“You don’t need to override the Parliamentarian or get a new Parliamentarian. It is the Vice President who rules,” the Texas senator told reporters on March 9th.

“The House bill as currently drafted I don’t believe can pass the Senate but I believe we can fix it,” he said.

Cruz wants the entire bill repealed and insists on competition being added back in. For instance, he wants selling across state lines included.

It was only seven years ago that Rep. Wilson yelled out, “You lie”, when Obama said illegal aliens won’t be covered by Obamacare during an address to Congress.

Here we go again.

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