Another Socialist Is Building a Bot Army to Run as a Dem in 2020

According to Politico another commie Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is beefing up his potential 2020 campaign for President with digital veterans [of the far-left] who helped commie Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez launch her campaign.

Yorktown Cortez’s recruiting video appealed to the young and foreign leftists in her district. She also had a complacent opponent in the Primary who didn’t realize she was beating him until it was too late. There was an unimpressive turnout, but it was her leftists who voted.

Via Politico:

Means of Production, the filmmaking cooperative that created the viral campaign video that propelled Ocasio-Cortez’s House campaign, is in talks with the Sanders team about a major role in 2020.

And two people who powered Sanders’ record-breaking small-dollar fundraising operation in 2016have agreed to join a subsequent presidential bid if it materializes, according to a Sanders campaign aide: Tim Tagaris and Robin Curran, his digital fundraising director, and digital production director in 2016, respectively.

The aide said another pair that have helped Sanders build a digital media juggernaut out of his Senate office — media producer Armand Aviram and digital director Georgia Parke — are likely to be part of his 2020 team, too.

Sanders will have an army of commiebots to add firepower and reach the ill-informed. Politico says his campaign is the only one starting with the foundation of a full-fledged, grass-roots presidential campaign.

The Ocasio-Cortez recruiting video highlights her working-class background, and it did go viral. Her page is also is one of the most visited of political hacks on Twitter.

Bernie wants to give away everything away for free, and he likes those 90 percent tax rates. The freebies will appeal to far too many people. Earlier today, Harry Reid warned Cortez against talking about the 70 percent tax rate. It’s not because he’s opposed, it’s because it’s too soon. He, like many of the establishment Democrats, are incrementatlists.

“A person could say we need to raise taxes a little bit,” Reid told the Nevada Independent. “Again, when you talk about 70 percent and all that, we have to be careful because the American people are very conservative in the sense of not wanting radical change quickly. It just doesn’t work.”

Bernie won’t have a problem talking about high tax rates. The 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay federal taxes won’t have a problem with it, nor will people coming here frim foreign lands for the wrong reasons.



  1. And shortly after a 70% tax on rich people is instituted, expect a whole lot of rich people to be leaving the country and taking their wealth with them. Then that will force the Dems to raise the tax to 90% and take a guess what happens then.

  2. Sanders’ platform is simple:
    He is in favor of taxing everyone but himself.
    He is in favor of taking away everything from everyone but himself.
    He is in favor of open borders as long as they, the criminal aliens, don’t cross his fence line onto his property.
    He is in favor of giving everything out free as long as he gets his and it doesn’t personally cost him anything.

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