Another Socialist Paradise Goes Down for the Count


voters take to the streets to celebrate

The United Social Party of Venezuela (PSUV) lost the latest congressional elections by a substantial margin. The opposition won 112 of 167 congressional seats to gain a two-thirds supermajority but it’s only the first battle. The war has just begun.

Maybe the people want to have toilet paper, diapers and beer again after 16 years of Socialist rule and ruination.

The opposition will be able to pass laws, release political prisoners, and reverse appointments to senior legal positions made by the current government, the bbc reported. They could call for a new election as early as next April.

There was a 74.3%, voter participation rate and it’s obvious a large portion of the population has had enough.

The Socialists still control many municipalities, however.

This comes two weeks after Argentina voted out the Socialist president.

Socialism has driven Venezuela into nightmarish poverty and with the help of people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Soros, we can have their system imported here.

Their inflation rate is over 100%. The healthcare system is crumbling, drugs are scarce for the most serious illnesses and diseases exposing tens of thousands to disease. The people are using animal medications.

The value of their currency has plunged and store shelves are stripped bare. Their command and control financial system has led to severe shortages of all basics. That’s Socialism’s legacy.

Hungry people stampeded supermarkets with some regularity and they have to be guarded by police.

Tampons are so scarce, one package eats up a third of Venezuelan’s salaries. The government sets the “fair” prices. The cost went from 15 cents for a package to three dollars which is a lot on a Venezuelans paltry salary. Other personal hygiene products are priced out about the same by the government.

All companies in Venezuela are governed by onerous foreign exchange and price controls. No company manages or keeps their own assets.

Oil used to pour the ground but now the socialists are in charge. They have gone from an oil-rich, average income country into a wasteland not even as productive as Ethiopia. The Socialists did it in only 16 years.

President Maduro admitted defeat.

“We have come with our morals and our ethics [intact] to recognize these adverse results, to accept them and to say to our Venezuela that the constitution and democracy have triumphed,” President Nicolas Maduro said.

He continued. “We have lost a battle today, but the struggle to build a new society is just beginning.”

“The results are as we hoped. Venezuela has won. It’s irreversible,” tweeted (in Spanish) Henrique Capriles, a leading opposition figure in the Democratic Unity Roundtable and a former presidential challenger.

“Venezuela wanted a change and that change came. A new majority expressed itself and sent a clear and resounding message.” – Jesus Torrealba – opposition coalition chief.

The editor of The Pan Am Post was interviewed by John Stoessel in June – he explained the nightmare of Venezuelan socialism.

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