Another Terrified Democrat Worries Trump Will Cut Regulations, Taxes, Size of Government


Eddie Glaude Jr., a William S. Tod Professor of Religion and African American Studies, makes the argument in his book, “Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul,” that American blacks are in crisis. That’s not an unusual argument for a Progressive to throw around. Progressives aka statists see everyone in the United States as oppressed and it’s always America’s fault.

White wealth he argues is 13 times that of whites. If true, he fails to mention that it is the leftist policies that did it to them, especially the one that encourages young women to have children without fathers around.

He still thinks the KKK and Jim Crow were Republicans’ fault. Glaude has done quite well for himself but he claims, that he and fellow Marxists Cornel West and Barack Obama, are the exceptions.

Glaude is a leftist “victim” and everyone on the left is a “victim” because of the rotten USA. A lover of the out-of-control Big Government as all statists are, he is worried because Trump says he is going to downsize Big Government. How anyone as well-educated and as intelligent as Glaude is can believe unelected bureaucrats should be running the government is unfathomable.

With that as a backdrop, consider how worried Glaude is that Donald Trump might deconstruct the massive administrative state. Glaude was asked on Morning Joe what he was going to expect to hear during Donald Trump’s address to the nation.

“I expect to hear something around economic nationalism and I expect to hear something about the deconstruction of the administrative state.

So, there’s going to be all of this talk about regulation rollback. There’s going to be talk about tax reform. There’s going to be talk about creating jobs. And we’re going to look at the details ant what it means.

I’m pretty unsettled by the notion of the deconstruction of the administrative state as a shorthand for all of these policies and I think we need to pay close attention to what that means.

And I think what it means in a nutshell is the dismantling of the new deal, is the final effort to kind of strip away those guarantees that I think would benefit the very people who, in so many ways, are excite about the policies.”

Did no one on the left notice that their New Deal didn’t work for eight years?

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