Another Terror Attack! Strasbourg Suspect’s on the Run, 4 Dead, 11 Injured


Strasbourg Christmas Market

Four people are dead and another eleven are injured, seven critically, and the killer, Cherif Chakatt, 29 years of age, has been identified as a person on the terrorist watch list and a confirmed Islamist. This time the scene was in beautiful Strasbourg, France.

What is really sad is this has become so common, it is barely being mentioned on the news. French President Macron has yet to issue a statement.

The terrorist also has a criminal record.

The suspect was shot and wounded before fleeing the scene, police officials told The Associated Press. Authorities had attempted to arrest the individual ahead of the shooting, a police official said, but it wasn’t immediately clear why.

Part of the incident took place in a Christmas market at Rue des Grandes Arcades and unfolded on different streets in the city, Strasbourg Mayor Roland Ries said. Military forces were helping the police, according to the mayor.

Two days ago, there was a frenzied knife attack on a number of women at a train station in France. The attacker brutally stabbed 3 women, one victim was slashed in front of daughter. The suspect was“known” to the police prior to the incident, according to local media.


The suspect fled in a cab and police are searching for him.

Why do people in charge always say they will not be intimidated? Why don’t they just deal with their terrorism problem?

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TexanForever Thompson
TexanForever Thompson
5 years ago

Immigrants from a totally different culture who are willing to kill those who don’t believe as they do bring unity and strength to the whole. … (/sarc)

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

The UN and Brussels tend to go along with this “belief”…so much so that they are “passing laws” that would incriminate those such as yourself (me too) that dare to voice any objection to “lawless migrants”….