Another Unbelievably Incompetent Government Story


The Washington Department of Corrections’ computer glitch is responsible for another murder. Since 2002, about 3,200 inmates have been mistakenly given early release. They didn’t even know there was a problem until a family of a crime victim found out the perpetrator was released too early. Then they did nothing! Now people are dying.

A 26-year old criminal, Jeremiah Smith gunned down an innocent 17-year old man in May and is now back where he was supposed to be all along – in jail. He killed the man only two weeks after he was released.

Jeremiah smith
Jeremiah Smith

Smith was serving a five-year sentence for robbery, burglary and assault. He likely deserved a longer sentence than that. These hardened criminals plea down these sentences and now the government lets them out by mistake.

Another inmate, Robert Jackson, was wrongly released and then killed his girlfriend in a car crash. He’s charged with vehicular homicide.

Only about two dozen of the freed offenders are back in jail.

This software problem has existed since 2002 mind you. Their computers are mistakenly awarding good-behavior credits. They know they have this problem and have done nothing to put double checks in place. People are now dying because of government incompetence.

Officials with the state Attorney General’s Office learned of the mistake in 2012 and advised the Corrections agency to fix the software before trying to recalculate the sentences by hand, documents released late Wednesday revealed. Corrections officials have admitted the agency delayed solving the problem 16 times and ultimately never fixed it.

The AG didn’t find the problem through government intervention or ingenuity. The only reason the officials discovered the error was the family of a crime victim learned the offender responsible was being released too early. The government didn’t even know. There’s no one home in these government agencies.

Typical government workers – no one is accountable and yet they are responsible for deaths. Because they didn’t pull the trigger and they’re bureaucrats, they think they are innocents. Mistakes are forgivable but deliberate malfeasance leading to deaths should be punishable by firing at least.

Thirteen years later, Gov. Jay Inslee has taken immediate action to fix the problem. How much faith should people have in that?

Every rock you turn over in the government exposes more incompetence, fecklessness and malfeasance.

Source: NY Daily News

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