Another Year Without Obamacare



Portrait of Mr. Obama pondering Dr. Smyth’s letter and his inconsequential questions.

Dear President Obama,

I just heard the news that you have suspended full implementation of ObamaCare  for another year! I’m shocked and confused! I’m 72 years old and now you are telling me I must try to stay alive for another 12 months without your mandatory health insurance. Good luck! This may be be easy for you and Michelle to do, but for someone of our age, its a major problem.

What happened, Mr. President? Remember four years ago when you and Joe Biden told us that we couldn’t even wait one more day because of all those sick and dying people filling our emergency rooms, all because they didn’t have any health insurance?

But I must admit one thing. Since you started this government-run healthcare system four years ago, I have actually noticed fewer and fewer uninsured people dying in North Shore Hospital’s emergency room. In fact, the last time I was there, I didn’t notice one dead body! What a relief!

What’s going to happen next year, is anyone’s guess.

As a grandfather, I do worry what will happen if you have to bring  Malia to G.W’s ER for stitches or something, and all those dead patients start reappearing again. She really may get frightened. My advice to you is to tell her to step over the bodies and repeat that this was Bush’s fault all along. Kids of that age will believe anything that their father tells them.

By the way, the ER’s still require you to show their insurance cards, but, remember, never, ever, show any photo ID? I’m glad you appointed another one of your your life-long friends as Attorney General, because Eric Holder is absolutely correct. Those cards make everyone in the ER so uncomfortable, especially all those who don’t have any proof of their U. S. citizenship.

Just when I was ready to pay ObamaCare’s new higher premiums, when I accepted the fact that you may be forcing me to look for a new doctor, and when I am planning to go to Canada for that medical procedure that your government committee didn’t really like, you cancelled the program for a year.

Totally distraught, the first thing I did was to check with two of your most brilliant Obamacare supporters, Barbara Boxer and Anthony Weiner. Unfortunately both of them admitted  that they themselves still haven’t read the bill or, for that matter, know anyone else in your administration who has read it either. But they assured me that Barbara Streisand said we would be fine.

Mr President, even though I ran my own dental practice for 38 years, I taught dentistry for 20 years at at LIJ-North Shore Hospital, and I was an Air Force dentist for two years as well, I may not be as qualified as the government bureaucrats who are currently advising you.

Maybe you are right. The year off will give you plenty of time to re-examine ObamaCare and to iron out the rough spots. But I do suggest now, since you personally solved all the problems in Syria, you use some of your new free time to clear up the following minor, unimportant, and inconsequential, ObamaCare issues:

1- You promised it would lower healthcare costs, yet these costs went up more than 12% last year alone. Could you please let us know exactly when healthcare costs will be coming down?

2- You said your plan was going to lower insurance premiums, but last year many went up over 30%! I know its not a good time to ask you about this because you are preoccupied consulting with Putin, but the Congressional Budget Office might be a good place to start.

3- I know you told us ObamaCare was going to cost a measly 750 billion dollars for the first 10 years.  Now, the CBO says the cost has almost tripled! Over TWO trillion dollars and counting.

4- I’m sure you know that businesses with 50 employees or more will have to pay an additional $250,000 per year or more, to cover their workers’ health insurance.

5- You told us that an added feature of your plan is that it would create jobs. Right? But I heard that most businesses are REDUCING their worker’s hours or NOT HIRING any new full time workers at all, because they now must cover everyone who works more than 30 hrs per week.

6- You also guaranteed that there would be no tax increases. If I am not mistaken, didn’t our taxes go up in January to pay for it? I thought only millionaires would pay the tax increases?

7- But, thank God, you assured us that we will keep our own doctor. But wait a minute. Since your idea is for all of us to change to a cheaper insurance plan, and our long time MD is not on my new plan, I guess I’ll need to find a new one. right?

8- It gave me such confidence, when Barney Frank told us that all our doctors and even the AMA, really loved your plan. But, another “little” problem has come up.  My doctor just found out that ObamaCare is run by two government agencies. Imagine that? She has this ridiculous notion that, being a doctor, she knows more about medicine than these Washington bureaucrats! How ridiculous is that?

1- “The Independent  Payment Advisory Board”, now regulates  all of her payments. and
2- “The U.S Preventative Service Task Force” tells her what medical treatments she is allowed to perform!

Four years ago, Michele Bachmann said that when government runs our healthcare system, it’s called socialized medicine! Chris Mathews called her a right wing fanatic. Really?

By the way, did you hear that Proton Beam Therapy will not be allowed to treat protate cancer anymore, NOT because it was ineffective, but because it is to expensive!  That has nothing to do with non-medical bureaucrats trying to reduce costs by telling our doctors how to practice medicine, does it, Mr. President?

9- We also have a little problem with a new government study that was just released last month. Since it was not funded by those evil Republicans or the Koch brothers, you may want to examine it. “The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services”, your own government agency that administers the program, concluded that:

1- since ObamaCare started, the number of doctors opting out of Medicare has tripled!
2- many others are limiting the number of Medicare patients? and
3- many are not taking any new Medicare patients at all!

Maybe, Mr President, we need something to take our minds off your new healthcare system, the country’s continuous 7.5% unemployment, a stagnant economy, our massive debt and all those persistent foreclosures and bankruptcies?

Your best strategy?

How about starting a war?

Very truly yours,

Dr. John Smyth



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