Anthony Weiner Blames 15-Year Old Victim of His Sexting


After pleading guilty to sexting with a minor, Anthony Weiner’s lawyers appealed to the court for leniency as did his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Huma Abedin. While admitting guilt, they also questioned the motivation and credibility of the 15-year old victim of his sexting escapade as if that ameliorates what he did.

The lawyers say “there’s no excuse for his conduct” but then proceeded to make an excuse – it’s the victim’s fault. This is from the NY Times:

When lawyers for Anthony Weiner, the former Democratic congressman who faces sentencing in a sexting case that involved a 15-year-old girl, wrote to the judge this week seeking probation for their client, they made it clear that he had no excuse for his conduct.

But they also raised questions about the credibility and motivation of the teenage victim. They said that she not only had a profit motive for making contact with Mr. Weiner and exchanging lewd texts and images with him, but that she also said she had sought to influence the presidential election.

This is somehow supposed to lessen the guilt of this 53-year old man who has committed numerous, similar acts.

Weiner has been sexting and has been caught multiple times, but his lawyers hope to blame the 15-year old.

They reported that she took $30,000 for a Daily Mail interview, suggesting that is why she sexted.

How that changes his guilt is unclear.

There is also the possibility that the 15-year old wanted to affect the election.

Weiner’s computer held thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails due to Huma Abedin’s and Hillary Clinton’s famed “carelessness”. Weiner’s lawyers suggest the 15-year old and her father wanted to hurt Hillary Clinton.

In their court filing, Mr. Weiner’s lawyers, Arlo Devlin-Brown and Erin Monju, included a copy of a letter they sent last month to prosecutors, asking for “any information relating to political motivations by the victim or her father to damage the political prospects of Secretary Hillary Clinton,” the NY Times reported.

This information has come out before based on statements the girl has made.

This still does nothing to lessen Weiner’s culpability. It’s a distraction.

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