Anti-American NFLer Marshawn Lynch Sits for US Anthem, Stands for Mexico’s


Anti-American Oakland Raider running back Marshawn Lynch sat during the U.S. National Anthem before a game against the New England Patriots in Estadio Azteca stadium in Mexico City Sunday.  He wanted every one to know how much he actually disrespects the United States so he then stood for the Mexican Anthem.

Maybe he should give up his passport and stay in Mexico if he respects them so much more.

Lynch hasn’t stood for the Anthem since returning from retirement this entire season.

Lynch doesn’t like police because he has a criminal past. In 2008, Lynch pled guilty to a hit-and-run accident in Buffalo where he struck a person with his vehicle. In 2009, as a Buffalo Bills RB, he was arrested on felony gun charges.

In 2014 as a Seattle Seahawk, he was arrested for reckless driving.

Five other NFL players protested during the Anthem.

The Dolphins’ Kenny Stills, Julius Thomas and Michael Thomas took a knee before their game against Tampa Bay.

Giants defensive lineman Olivier Vernon took a knee, as he has done most of the season. The opposing Chiefs stood scattered on their sideline, though cornerback Marcus Peters remained in the tunnel until it was over.

In an update, President Trump tweeted what many of us are thinking.

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6 years ago

No black person in Mexico has ever held a position of leadership in government or industry.

Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

And Lynch’s team got absolutely smoked by the PATRIOTS, 33-8. Would have loved to have him stay in Mexico after the team left. See how well he’d be treated for overstaying his welcome.