Anti-Christian & Anti-Christian Schools Hate Speech Now Trending

Mrs. Karen Pence

The left-wing is viciously attacking the Pence family because Mrs. Pence went back to work to teach in a Christian school. The left doesn’t agree with their beliefs, therefore, they may not exist. It’s not only the Pence’s they hate. They hate all Christians.

The hashtag Expose Christian Schools is now trending in the Twitter sewer. It’s a forum for hate speech.

What are they going to do, destroy all Christian schools? They’d like to. They hate whites, Christians, descendants of Europeans, and the Founding documents.

Christians do not hate LGBT people. And, yes, Christians support life for the unborn. Someone needs to care about them. New York has a governor who is about to force a bill through guaranteeing abortions until the moment of birth. That is a fully-developed baby he wants to ‘abort.’

The people attacking Christians are the same people who support radical Islamic terrorism, burqas, and Sharia Law.

If you check out the trending hashtag, you will find mostly petty grievances from the pearl-clutchers. There is a lot of hate speech.

Dan Bongino tweeted angrily about it today.

Of all the disgusting, disgraceful, horrifying, anti-American hashtag campaigns I’ve seen on this platform is the most egregious. Anyone promoting this atrocious garbage should hang their heads in eternal shame.

The gall! Leftist indoctrination is rampant in public schools and universities. The curricula in these schools and many staff are brainwashing students to adopt their ideas. But Christian schools aren’t allowed to exist?

The Hill is reporting that more than 10,000 people have signed a petition demanding changes at the Catholic high school whose students were taped allegedly harassing a Native American elder in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

MoveOn can get 10,000 names in one quick email. It’s a nothing story, but the Hill couldn’t wait to report it.

These left-wing lunatics are doxxing the boys who allegedly mocked the innocent Native-American at yesterday’s march. The Native is a radical who went up to one of the boys banging a drum and chanting inches from his face. His adult allies were screaming and cursing at the kids. We don’t want to keep repeating the story, but you can catch up here. What happened to not picking on kids like David Hogg? There’s that double standard again.

The important point is they want to destroy these kids.

The people attacking the boys, the Pences, and Christians are haters who will destroy anyone with whom they disagree. People should fear them and what lengths they are willing to go.

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