Anti-Christian Group Demands God Be Banned from the Air Force Oath – Update


God in the dumpster

Update: 10/25/13: The Air Force has decided to make the words, ‘so help me God,’ voluntary. Sounds like a good result, but read on, people need to know about Mikey Weinstein. Like a bad penny, he keeps turning up.


Avowed Atheist and anti-Christian jihadist, Mikey Weinstein, President of the Military for Freedom of Religion organization, is on a crusade to rid the military of God and Christians. He doesn’t mind working small but his ultimate goal is that. The larger picture the infiltration of the military with anti-Christian propaganda.

Mikey’s latest venture is to rid the Air Force Oath of the word ‘God.’

The Honor Code of the United States Air Force which has been in existence since 1959 is:

Honor Code: We will not lie, steal or cheat nor tolerate among us anyone who does.

Honor Oath: We will not lie, steal or cheat nor tolerate among us anyone who does.  Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and live honorably, so help me God.

Spirit of the Code: Do the right thing and live honorably.

Mikey Weinstein is an avowed Atheist and anti-Christian angry man. He is also president of the Military Freedom from Religion Foundation. He was told about a poster – a POSTER for crying our loud – bearing the honor code and hanging visibly in the Academy. This little man demanded the leadership remove it.

Mikey meets regularly with the Air Force leadership. They consult with Mikey thanks to a directive from the Pentagon officials via secularist Barack Obama.

Mikey isn’t content with the removal of the poster, he wants the oath changed and the words, ‘So help me God,’ removed.


Loathsome Mikey Weinstein

It is not understandable as to why the military uses him as a consultant in matters of ‘God.’

Mikey thinks that if a few people are offended – or even one is offended – everything has to be turned around to suit them, no matter what the majority think. He believes in the tyranny of the minority or Fascism.

He will probably win and the oath of more than 50 years will not utter the word God.

Mikey thinks the word ‘God’ violates the Constitution. He was interviewed by Megyn Kelly last night. He has a very obnoxious personality:

Mikey Weinstein is tireless in his pursuit of Christians. He recently demanded that a Christian chaplain be disciplined for an essay he wrote in which he used a well-known phrase, there are “no atheists in foxholes.”  It was used in his column, ‘Chaplain’s Corner!’ The phrase has historic significance in addition to being commonly used, but it offended the anti-Christian minority led by Mikey Weinstein.

Read about Mikey’s War on God on this link.

Mikey is also behind – with Pentagon support – any Christians in the military talking about their beliefs. Military are being told they can evangelize but not proselytize, in other words, they can’t do either because the penalties are severe and include court-martial.

Read more about it on this link. Mikey, with his friends at the extremist Southern Poverty Law Center are the consultants to the Pentagon.

The Southern Poverty Law Center puts Christians in the same category as Islamic terrorists.

Military trainers are now teaching soldiers that Evangelical Christians and Tea Party people are tearing the country apart when, in fact, the secularists and extremists in DC are. Christian ministries are being described as domestic hate groups and terrorist groups partly because they believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

More importantly, it is part of a movement to infiltrate every part of our government with anti-God propaganda. That is the larger picture here.



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