Anti-Free Speech Journalism/Communications Professor Resigns – Sort Of


crazy prof
Crazy anti-free speech journalist/communications assistant professor

Irony of ironies! Mizzou has a journalism professor who is anti-free speech!

The anti-Free Speech journalism/communications Professor Click at Mizzou, who does research on Lady Gaga, has resigned her courtesy position at the school of journalism but don’t be fooled, she’s still at teaching at the school of communications. They are merely presenting a facade of repercussions for having an anti-free speech professor in the school of journalism.

She can’t teach at the school of journalism but she can at the school of communications? She’s going to communicate her fascist, anti-free speech blather. She can also review papers!

This is how far we’ve come under the so-called liberals. It’s actually fascism. That’s funny or ironical or insane. Choose one.

After this University of Missouri professor Click was seen on video calling for “some muscle” to kick the journalist out, the professor resigned from the journalism school and issued an apology.

Let’s face it, she said it and she meant it, what good is an apology for something like this?

She is still on the faculty of the Communications school and can still serve on the panel to review student thesis. If I were a student, I’d get an ‘A’ if I did it on eliminating the First Amendment.

David Kurpius, the dean of the school, said in a statement on Tuesday that she did not teach at the school and her appointment was a courtesy. He suggested she needed to be fired.

Click said she regretted the language and strategies she used because it shifted attention from the students’ campaign for justice – not much of an apology.


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ALbert S
ALbert S
6 years ago

Simply a WHOREific situation

Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

She really does look like Carrot Top. And not even Carrot Top in drag.

John Jett
John Jett
6 years ago

She and the students were hiding something. They didn’t want Tai getting by because he would see something he wasn’t supposed to. There is a lot that doesn’t add up about the Mizzou story. For instance the Jonathon Butler Hunger strike; had he actually been on a week long hunger strike, he would have been bed ridden. That boy never missed a meal. Then there were the stories of racist actions that have no proof and even if true are meaningless. For instance the feces swastika allegedly on a building; no one knows who put that up there. Just like the black guy putting a Confederate flag on the 54th Massachusetts MVI statue in Boston, it could have been and likely was a false flag action. This had never occurred last semester, or the summer session, why all of a sudden now? Then there is the White Guy spouting racial “Epithets” on the stage at the rehearsal of the League of Black Collegians. Why didn’t anyone take a cell phone video of this. Then why didn’t they ask the man to leave if in fact he existed. If they can push this guy Tai around, why wouldn’t they do it to a man on stage spouting “Racial Epithets”? Then Payton Head says that a group of white men were yelling racial surs at him; so does he not have a cell phone camera? This whole Mizzou story is about lies and morons who believe these lies or disregards or support these lies. Somthing much bigger is going on here. Missou is the tip of the ice berg.