Anti-Gun Doctor Linked to Soros Could Be Our Next Surgeon General


Vivek Murthy

Vivek Murthy , an ally of Barack Obama, is a community organizer of doctors who might be our next Surgeon General. He is a Boston physician whose claim to fame is his organizing of Doctors for America, a group that says they are nonpartisan but has openly advocated for Obama. The group started out as Doctors for Obama.

Murthy and his group are rabidly anti-gun and he is a very political partisan.

Obama has succeeded in politicizing agency after agency and now he’s trying to do the same to the Surgeon General’s office.

Republicans Rand Paul and Michael Enzi plan to fight confirmation. The first confirmation hearing took place Tuesday.

Doctors for America, is the Obama-linked sister group to other progressive groups, such as Organizing for America and the Center for American Progress, whose founder, John Podesta, is a senior adviser on the White House staff.

Murthy and his assistant Rachel Curley are fellows at CAP, a think tank supporting by George Soros.

How do you think gun research will go under Murthy?

Also, he’s only 36-years old with little experience.  Richard Carmona, a former Surgeon General under George Bush warned against appointing someone to this position who does not have the proper background.

In a letter to Obama, Carmona said that a nominee without significant public health experience or a background in the career uniformed services risks “a distinctive disadvantage in credibility, knowledge and depth and breadth of experience when attempting to address complex public health issues,” according to Politico.



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