Anti-Gun Guy Threatens to Shoot Sheriffs Who Don’t Favor Gun Control


Jaydin Ledford

A Washington man threatened to shoot and kill law enforcement officers who aren’t in favor of the state’s new gun control laws. How’s that for irony!

He was arrested late Wednesday morning, Blue Lives Matter reports.


Jaydin Ledford, 23, is now in the hands of the FBI and faces charges of intimidating a public servant and harassment for threatening to kill, KHQ reported.

The investigation began on Feb. 4, after Ledford threatened to kill “sheriffs” who have spoken out against Initiative 1639 – a measure that was signed into law earlier this year, according to KOMO.

The law, which goes into full effect in July, raises the age to purchase a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21, calls for enhanced background checks, and requires buyers to complete a firearm safety course, according to The Seattle Times.

Additionally, the initiative makes a gun owner responsible if another person uses their weapon to harm themselves or somebody else.

Multiple law enforcement leaders have expressed their opposition to the new law, and some say it is unconstitutional. More than a dozen won’t enforce it.

The potential cop killer posted his intentions.

“I-1639 is law. Sheriffs that are non-compliant will be shot. By me,” Ledford wrote in one of his posts.

“I really want to kill a police officer,” another post read.

Ledford specifically targeted Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich in one of the messages.

“Ozzie Knezovich is gonna get a bullet in his skull,” he wrote.

According to court documents, Ledford admitted that he had made the threats, and said that he meant what he wrote, the Associated Press reported.


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