Anti-Gun Student Kasky Says NRA Loves When People Forget Massacres

We have spent a lot of time on David Hogg but there are other youths leveling extreme accusations. One of them is his friend and ally Cameron Kasky. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Cameron’s latest assault on innocent Americans.

Cameron said the NRA loves it when people forget about massacres like Sandy Hook and Columbine. One must wonder where he gets his so-called facts.

“This isn’t just another one of those school shootings that gets the media for two weeks, gets an organization of parents, and people throw it aside and forget about it, and it’s just this other sad thing in the United States. That’s what the NRA loves. They love Sandy Hook. They love things like Columbine where everybody just forgot about them.

He suggested that the so-called ‘gun show loophole’ was responsible for the Columbine shooting.  He did not mention that Mark Manes and Philip Duran were both convicted of supplying firearms to the underage Harris and Klebold after the Columbine attack was investigated, Newsbusters reported.

Cameron Won’t Debate

Kyle Kashiv also challenged Cameron Kasky to a debate and, at first, Cameron agreed, although we can all see from his Twitter exchanges with Cameron, he would be in over his head. He quickly withdrew when Kyle retweeted a student tweet complaining about clear backpacks violating students’ rights. Kyle added this line to the RT: “Instead let’s violate our Constitution?”

Cameron said “that was low” so he pulled out of the debate. It was a lame excuse but he is only 18. We all know the real reason he won’t debate Kyle.

Ben Shapiro weighed in on that.

David Hogg has still not responded to Kyle Kashuv’s call to debate him. In a tweet he wrote, “Yes I’ve had to debate things like gun control in Speech and Debate in Public Forum for the past 4 years.”

That’s all he said, no response to Kyle’s challenge.

Just for fun, here is a tweet from crazy Maxine, the Democrat rock star:

Does this mean my children can’t even bring their RPG’s to school? Wow, too strict Maxine. Lighten up.