Anti-Semite Boasts That He Interrupted ‘Bigot’ Trump’s Jamestown Speech


Virginia Delegate Ibrahim Samirah, who describes himself as a “second-generation Palestinian refugee,” is purportedly an anti-Semite.

As an aside, what is a second-generation refugee? You can inherit that now in crazyland?

He is very happy to brag about interrupting President Trump’s Jamestown speech today, claiming it’s his right since he decided that President Trump is the bigot.

While running in a special election, Samirah’s bigotry came back to haunt. It should haunt him now as he calls another person a bigot.

Samirah, a Chicago native who is Muslim, said that sending money to Israel is “worse” than sending money to the Ku Klux Klan and that the late Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would burn in hell upon his death. He also accused Israeli teenagers of using Tinder to “cover up the murders in their names.”

His father was deported and he is tied to Hamas.

It’s just like a leftist to project his failings on someone else and be totally unaware of what a loser he is.


Trump’s speech was sensitive to Virginia’s history but emphasized the Commonwealth’s importance in laying the groundwork for our constitutional republic.

He condemned the slavery that stained and harmed this country, noting:

“It was the beginning of a barbaric trade of human lives,” he said. “Today in honor, we remember every sacred soul who suffered the horrors of slavery and the anguish of bondage.”

It was one of his finest speeches.

During the speech, however, the second-generation refugee and anti-Semite walked up before the podium to protest the president.

Samirah shouted and held a poster that read, “Deport Hate.” He was later escorted out by Capitol Police.

The hater would be you, Samirah. And, since you are a refugee who is certainly no asset, perhaps you should self-deport.

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4 years ago

His father was deported for having ties to Hamass? Really? Sounds like this is a family thing. The old adage of “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is probably true in this case.
Might wanna consider sending him to live with this father, in whatever sh*thole that is.
Problem solved.

4 years ago

Grant this cretin his wish. Deport him.

Anthony Alfaro
Anthony Alfaro
4 years ago

Disrupting the President’s speech, next to potty training this will be his greatest accomplishment,in life. His parents must be so proud