Anti-Semite Jimmy Carter Will Be Keynote at Muslim Convention


Former president Jimmy Carter is renowned for being one of the worst U.S. presidents before Barack Obama hit the scene, though Millard Fillmore is still competitive. He has not gone quietly and speaks proudly of his 4-year term with double-digit inflation, his funding of Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen, failed rescue attempts, and his all-around bad management. His anti-Israel fervor from those days has not dampened. If you are anti-Israel, frankly, you are an anti-Semite, and that is no less true of him. It’s probably why he is speaking at the ISNA convention.

Carter likes to kiss up to terrorists and dictators around the globe for some strange reason. He’s famous for it.

Jim with Bashar
Jimmy Carter with Bashar.

Jimmy Carter in Cuba
Jimmy with Fidel. JFK’s rolling in his grave.

Jimmy and Hugo
Jimmy with Hugo.

Jimmy and the Brotherhood
Jimmy with the Brotherhood (photo via Bare Naked Islam).

ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America, is a subversive group attempting to destroy the U.S. from within. They are a U.S. franchise of The Muslim Brotherhood.

ISNA is the nation’s largest Muslim group and it enforces extremist Wahhabi theological writ in America’s mosques.

Their 51st annual convention will be held in Detroit’s Cobo Center September 1st with anti-Israel activist Jimmy Carter as the keynote speaker. He is their useful idiot – a stooge if you will.

There is a session on the 30th titled,  “Generations Rise: Elevating Muslim-American Culture”, which is also the theme of the conference. I find that terrifying. From what I’ve seen of their culture, it doesn’t fit well with ours.

Barack Obama’s message from last year is below. He was proud of their efforts to increase understanding. Would that be all the lawsuits these organizations file if they don’t agree with something a person says, writes, or posts?

Hassan Qazwini, Imam of The Islamic Center of America, will speak. An extremely influential Shi’a religious leader, he openly supports Hamas and Hezbollah. He had a close relationship with Ahmadinejad.

Another speaker Zaid Shakir, former Muslim chaplain at Yale University, does not believe Muslims can accept the legitimacy of the existing American order. He claims that organizations like Hamas and al Qaida are pursuing legitimate objectives.

Dr. Jamal Badawi, a former Board of Directors member of The Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. He has a lot of shady connections.

I could go on.  Their speakers are a veritable who’s who of U.S. Brotherhood members who do not have our best interests at heart.

Carter has called Israel and apartheid state – an absurd criticism – and has recently condemned them, openly showing support for Hamas. He wants them handled as if they were a legitimate government. He, for the most part, blames Israel for all the problems in the Middle East. His speech should prove to be divisive and anti-Israel.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will also speak. He’s probably just pandering.