Anti-Semitic Women’s March Leads with Anti-Israel, Pro-BDS Agenda


The Women’s March began with the leaders making it clear they support the terror-tied boycott movement against BDS — boycott, divestment, and sanctions. They blasted all legislation that is anti-pro-BDS.

The 71-page Women’s Agenda took a stand against anti-BDS bills, passed in 26 states, that prohibit government agencies from doing business with companies that boycott Israel.

The agenda took issue with anti-BDS legislation on First Amendment grounds, arguing that such efforts represent “one of the biggest threats to speech today.”

That is absurd. It’s a lie to convince people they care about free speech, but make no mistake, these women are anti-American and anti-Israel.

Alan Dershowitz already addressed it.

“Whether it’s the attempts to create federal or state laws banning political boycotts or criticism of Israel (including the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions tactic), targeting environmental protests or preventing students and faculty on college campuses from expressing their views or engaging in peaceable assembly, the silencing of one side of the debate is precisely what our First Amendment protects against,” said the document.

The leaders of the Women’s March aren’t simply anti-Israel, they are anti-Jewish. They embrace Louis Farrakhan, a rabid anti-white, anti-America, anti-Jewish head of the hate group, The Nation of Islam.

While not a big fan of reporter Laura Loomer’s methods, she isn’t wrong in what she screamed out today at their march.

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