Anti-Trump Bombshell Coming According to Comey’s Friend


Ben Wittes

A good friend of James Comey’s, Ben Wittes, is sending an ominous warning via Twitter that another “bombshell story” is about to come out. It will be about James Comey and his interactions with President Trump, and it follows Trump admitting he didn’t tape Comey.

The left-wing Brookings fellow has tweeted his TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK message on Friday.  It’s likely another NY Times story since he’s sent this message before other NY Times stories.

They’re all in collusion obviously.

Wittes is a lawyer who blogs at Lawfare.

Wittes wrote on Twitter that a story is coming Friday or Monday.

Wittes hates Trump

His hatred spews out from his Twitter feed.

Wittes’ latest complaint is about the President blocking some especially virulent trolls. The anti-Trumper says it violates the First Amendment.

Comey is Witte’s close friend, along with Mueller, the Special Counsel. Mueller’s hiring Democrat donors and at least one neverTrumper. That should tell us all something about the FBI as it exists today. It is the Deep State.

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