Antifa Attacks Law Office Suing Creepy Mayor on Behalf of ICE


Andy Ngo reports that the Anarcho-Communist Antifa, a group Chris Cuomo loves and defends, flooded a Portland law office that represents the union for officers at U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement.

The violent commies pushed a garden hose through the mail slot at Sean Riddell’s law office in Northeast Portland, soaking the main floor and basement. The water sat undiscovered until 2:30 pm on Sunday, April 28.

The wood floor warped. Carpet in the basement was stripped. Drywall from the basement ceiling was yanked down in crumbling chunks. Large splotches of the concrete foundation are still wet.

The Cuomo group is also Mayor Wheeler’s group. He hasn’t commented on the assault of the office because he likes them too. They are supporting him and he supports them.

The I.C.E. employees are suing the city of Portland because the mayor ordered police to not respond to calls where the federal employees were being targeted, stalked, and assaulted during last year’s Occupy ICE encampment. This attack was an Antifa intimidation tactic that helps Antifa-lover Wheeler.

The lunatics took credit anonymously, of course, since they’re cowards, and submitted a statement to “It’s Going Down.” It was replete with lies.

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