Antifa-Lover Joe Biden’s Running on “Make America Moral Again”


Biden without all that makeup

Joe Biden, along with his colleagues running for President, wants to be our moral arbiter and lead a moral country. He wants to make America moral again. What the hay does that even mean? Joe needs to say that because the party does not have an agenda to run on.

Biden has to answer for his dealings in China and Ukraine if he wants to be a moral leader. Then there’s the fact that he says bigotted things like Obama was “clean and articulate” and that was “storybook” man. He also did nothing for the working man over the past fifty years. What he did do was get in bed with corporations.

I don’t want him to tell me what morality is. Do you?

Joe Biden launched his campaign on the Charlottesville hoax and called Antifa “courageous young Americans.”Go to 1:05 to hear him call Antifa “courageous young Americans.”

He lied about Charlottesville again in his first campaign appearance in Pennsylvania and made it worse by lying about the tax cuts. Even WaPo called him out.

Uncle Joe told the union audience of tens of people that the Trump/GOP tax cuts signed into law in 2017 went entirely to the rich and to corporations. That is a bald-faced lie.

Sleepy also slurred his words and had naming recall problems during the rally.


The party of baby killing, redistribution of wealth — theft, and open borders wants to be the moral leaders of our country.

Laura Ingraham let Biden and the party of “morals” have it last night. Democrats are dividing us but Biden doesn’t seem to realize that.

She brought up Biden’s past plagiarism and his dishonest interpretation of Catholicism. He believes in aborting babies to the moment of birth.

Biden wants to restore the “dignity of work.’ Since the current President brought the unemployment to basically nothing, it is the President who does that. Dems hadn’t in the previous eight years under Obama-Biden.

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