Antifa Prof Who Loves “Teaching Future Dead Cops” Says It’s “Good” to Kill a Cop


The Antifa-Communist professor at John Jay College, who said he loves teach “future dead cops,” has a history of tweets praising the killing of cops, jokes about executing his students and encouraging violence against political opponents.

Anyone who is not a communist, he believes, is a fascist.

Here are some examples of tweets via Far Left Watch.

Assata Shakur aka Joanne Chesimard, a criminal and sadistic killer, murdered a state trooper in 1973. She’s a leftist hero and was honored by the Women’s March. He really wanted her to lecture at John Jay so he could say her murdering an innocent officer was “good”.

This lunatic “professor” has been put on administrative leave but he really needs to be fired and have his teaching license taken away.

Here is another tweet about dead cops.

He also jokes about executing his students.

Anyone who is not a communist is a fascist to this guy.

Next is his view of violence. Twitter sees no reason to shut him down.

Dan Bongiono describes this man exactly.

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6 years ago

I hope this idiot is on a terrorist watch list, this person has a severe mental problem.