Antifa Professor at Drexel Wants to Vomit When 1st Class Passenger Gives His Seat to a Soldier


Antifa supporting Drexel Professor.

A Drexel University Professor of the hard-left George Ciccariello tweeted a truly repulsive statement a few days ago. The soldier had been fighting ISIS according to some reports.

He’s an antifa supporter and retweets photos of the US flag burning.

He retweeted a photo of his favorite antifa group burning U.S. flags and bloviated about he doesn’t care about being a man. He tweeted: “Sorry to disappoint, but I care even less about being a man than I do about being straight, white, or an American.”

If he feels that way, he could move to a country more to his liking.

The reactions to his disgusting tweet about a U.S. soldier being given a person’s First Class seat were varied.

Here are the anti-war no matter what group:

Here are the people who called pajama boy out:



  1. MAYBE he should be drafted to go over there and see what our brave servicemen and women are going through to ALLOW him to spew his hatred and manure…. Stick to teaching your fellow snowflakes and SHUT THE HELL UP

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