Antifa Speaks from His Hospital Bed As He Recuperates from Being Hit in the “NoNo”


Pepper balls speaks.

Oh gee, the Antifa guy, who was hit in the “tiddlywinks” or “NoNo” (as he calls them) with what he says was a pepper spray canister, spoke from his bed to encourage other Antifas to fight on against the Nazis. The Nazis he speaks of are the police who were being assaulted with urine-filled bottles, rocks and gas canisters at the Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

That is believed to be satire. We don’t really think he went to the OB/GYN. However, his getting hit in the nuts was not satire.

Watch the best video replays of the anonymous Antifa being hit in the nuts after kicking a gas canister at police.

This one has WWE dialogue dubbed over.

This next one is to Celine Dion.

Last but not least is Whitney Houston.


  1. Fake BS… I live here in Arizona and was able to see all of this horse sh*t go down live on local channel 3 news. This video that is making the rounds does not show the entire thing, it fails to show where he tried to pick up the canister first.
    The clown that actually got shot in the ‘Nuts’ burned his hand (2nd degree burns) trying to pick up a canister of gas to through at he police. Well, he burned himself real good, so decided to kick it at the police, which is why he got shot. The next day he was tweeting all over the place acting like some sort of celebrity, He was then interviewed by local news channel 5. He was ‘Surprised’ Thursday afternoon when he was arrested and charged with 3 felonies for aggressive behavior toward police and failure to disperse when ordered. He is not smilin now… BWAHAHAHAHAHA… The guy in the video is not even him…

  2. What a little Brown-Shirt pussy!
    Guess you learned that when you come to battle, you need to be totally protected. Seriously. shorts and a tee-shirt? Go back to mommy and daddies basement and play Halo before you really get hurt…

  3. WE can only hope that direct shot to the little snowflake’s gonads renders him permanently sterile. Just that one prized shot saved the world of a, liberal asshole’s progeny for future generations. 🙂

  4. I was just out there minding my own business kicking the tear gas canister back at the po po!
    (I gotta think this is sarcastic comedy, because he says they’re getting an obgyn to look at it, lol! )

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