Antifa Terrorists Plaster DC with Tucker’s Home Address


Antifa showed up at Tucker Carlson’s home last November when his wife was home alone. She hid in the closet as they slammed on the door, breaking, damaging property, and screaming to disturb the neighbors.

Since then Fox News has boycotted Twitter for their part in disseminating Tucker’s home address and allowing Antifa to torch him viciously on the site, even threatening him physically.

Antifa is now plastering posters around D.C. targeting Tucker and his family by listing his home address. Parts of D.C. are hellholes. God only knows what lunatics will show up and cause problems for his family and neighbors.

Antifa needs to be stopped from inciting violence and putting the lives of political opponents in jeopardy. Antifa — misnamed the anti-fascists — defines themselves as Anarcho-Communists and they are the Democrat Party foot soldiers. You will not hear Democrats condemn them.

Tucker has been a target of the Democrat henchmen like George Soros-David Brock’s Media Matters. They are trying to scare his advertisers away and silence him, falsely claiming he is alt-right.

They are after others like Laura Loomer, who is not alt-right, she’s flamboyant.

The signs call them white supremacists, terrorists, alt-right.


When his wife was terrorized, the Leftist Antifa mob shouted “racist scumbag leave town” and “we know where you sleep at night, we will fight.” They also yelled out garbage like, “No Borders, No Walls…No USA at all!”

They are America haters.

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