Antifa Website Linked to G20 Violence Banned in Germany,


Antifa are extremely dangerous fools. They are anarcho-communists who seek to overturn our government. The left supports these Brown Shirts because they are anti-Trump. Few will condemn them. In fact, they are described as the freedom fighters standing up to the neo-Nazis and KKK.

Trump’s instincts about the “many sides’ were not without merit though he didn’t express it in the right way at the right time according to most.

This month, German authorities banned the most influential internet website of Antifa – the country’s militant left – in the wake of violence that occured last month outside the G20 summit in Hamburg.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière claimed the website helped incite the violence in Hamburg and warned of “serious consequences” of left-wing radicalism, the New York Times reported.

“The prelude to the G-20 summit in Hamburg was not the only time that violent actions and attacks on infrastructural facilities were mobilized on linksunten.indymedia,” the minister said, identifying the website.

He also said the site tried to “legitimize violence against police officers,” which he described as an “expression of an attitude that tramples human dignity.”

“This is absolutely unacceptable and incompatible with our liberal democratic order,” he added. According to the Local, Germany’s internal spy agency once described the website, which has operated since 2008, as “the most important platform for violent left-wing extremism in Germany. For years it has been providing a forum for people to publish first-hand reports on left-wing crimes.”

Reddit has relegated all Donald Trump posts to one subreddit but they have also allowed Antifa to form a subreddit.

Where is the DoJ?

Watch them in action.

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