Obama Peeps Think Romney Murdered A Woman With Cancer


One of Obama’s super PACs, Priorities USA Action, linked a woman’s death from cancer to Romney. The video ad accusing Romney is a complete fabrication.

Listen to the false ad below.

Ranae Soptic, the woman mentioned in the ad, died in 2006, which was five years after her husband’s plant closed and the family lost their health insurance. She had her own insurance for two years after that. The straight line between Romney and her death is nonexistent. [Townhall]

Wolf Blitzer couldn’t even take it.

Now that this lie hasn’t worked, Romney is being accused of having connections to a Mexican drug dealer. I don’t know if Harry Reid has quieted down, but he’s not telling the truth about his alleged source. As Reince Priebus said, He’s (Reid) a dirty liar.

This is all a distraction from the real issue which is the economy, though I personally would add foreign policy to that.

I have to add these comments from Twitchy, they’re pretty funny

John Sexton

Obama better hope no one who worked at Solyndra has a wife who dies of cancer in 2016. Cause that’ll be on him.
7 Aug 12

If you worked at a GM dealership shuttered in 2009 and your spouse dies of cancer before 2015: That’s on Obama
7 Aug 12

Katie Pavlich wants to know who else has #RomneyKilled.

DID YOU HEAR? Romney killed George Washington
7 Aug 12

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