AOC backs NYC mob rampaging, vandalizing, jumping turnstiles, threatening


On Friday, protesters/rioters in New York City, angry over two videos of police handling of out of control teens, invaded the subway, jumped turnstiles, marched, vandalized buses and police cars, frightened people while shouting vulgar epithets. They carried signs suggesting killing the police.

In Brooklyn, they vandalized buses and police cars, calling police ‘trash.’

It was very third world. They are turning the city into a hellhole. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed these criminals.

The far-left radicals mocked one man for paying the fare. Every year, the in-the-red MTA loses millions of dollars because of people not paying the fares. Mayor Bill de Blasio has made fare-jumping a non-crime, along with a lot of misdemeanors and some non-violent felonies. Crime is inching up.

It’s racist now to expect people to pay the subway fare.

In response to the riots, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a sitting congresswoman, endorsed breaking the law, vandalizing, and stealing from the city of New York.

She’s out of her mind. It is hard to know if the police reaction was an overreaction because there were gang people as well as Antifa and Black Lives Matter involved. The leftist radicals were causing damage and threatening the police. Police don’t know if it’s going to remain under control when a mob gathers.

Like Warren and Bernie, she thinks only the rich should pay for everything. If you watch the video, the ‘poor people’ have iPhones and are well-dressed. Many are likely rich, liberal kids.

AOC is opposed to incarceration and prisons. She is very extreme and has no business serving in Congress.

Here is some more video of the night in question that AOC condones:

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