AOC & Bernie want Dems to be the party of FDR & queer liberation


Socialist Bernie Sanders has teamed up with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the squad to become the party of FDR, Civil Rights, anti-war, and queer liberation. We didn’t know “queers” weren’t liberated. Their focus appears to narrow their goals and seems incongruous in some ways.

“It’s time that we become the party of FDR again,” AOC said to a receptive audience at a Sanders campaign rally.

“It’s time for us to become the party of the Civil Rights Act again,” she added.

[The civil rights movement is dead because it isn’t needed. To become the party of the Civil Rights Act implies that America is still in 1964.]

“It’s time for us to become the party that fights for queer liberation again, the anti-war party, a party that establishes peace and prosperity.”


FDR locked up Japanese citizens in internment camps during World War II, not Germans, which indicates he was a bigot. He never did anything for “queers” either

The Democrats have never been an anti-war party. Hillary pushed for an unnecessary war in Libya. Barack Obama had us everywhere in the Middle East and in Africa. Lyndon Baines Johnson and Vietnam were a disaster. Truman went into Korea. FDR took us into WW II (we’re not saying that was a mistake but the Yalta and Teheran agreements were not good.) Bill Clinton’s limited war in Yugoslavia was another Democratic war.

Some wars were successful, but most weren’t.


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