AOC explains why we must give welfare to everyone in the world


The leader of the Democratic Party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who dubbed herself AOC, explained why we have to stop “federal discrimination” by not offering all our welfare programs to all people from around the globe who break our laws and come here illegally.

She also wants to give felons whatever welfare is currently unavailable to them.

AOC has an act to fix this “federal discrimination” and calls it “The Mercy in Re-Entry Act.” It’s “based on people who were formerly incarcerated.” She thinks the main reason for recidivism is poverty, not evil, not greed, not crazy, and so on. They just need “opportunities” and it’s our fault for not affording this to them.

The evidence was missing from her dialogue as usual.

Cortez is also touting The Embrace Act which she says does much the same for illegal aliens [from all over the world]. It ends “discrimination based on documentation status.” In her twisted logic, she sees handing them welfare as a way to acknowledge the contribution of immigrants by allowing them to benefit from it.


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