AOC: Green New Deal Is 10-Year “Near-Total Economic Transformation”


Alexandria Ocommie-Cortez (AOC) is prepared to release the Green New Deal which she promises will be her World War II revolution. In a letter she just released, she wrote that the country’s near-total economic transformation should take approximately ten years.


That takes us to Ocommie-Cortez’s absurd Green New Deal which is being co-authored by far-left Ed Markey. At least forty Democrats have signed on to this, many are Communists and Socialists.

Fox News reported on some of the details of the extremist new deal from a draft and a letter she forwarded to her fellow comrades.


The girl with the fly eyes is set to unveil the plan with Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey in a matter of days. She told her fellow representatives in a letter that the Green New Deal calls for a “national, social, industrial and economic mobilization at a scale not seen since World War II.”

“Next week, we plan to release a resolution that outlines the scope and scale of the Green New Deal,” Ocasio-Cortez said in the letter, adding that the country’s near-total economic transformation should take approximately ten years.

The Green New Deal proposal would lead to national net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, according to Ocasio-Cortez’s letter, “through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers,” while also generating millions of “good, high-wage jobs.” Details of the letter were first published by Bloomberg.

The Green New Deal would additionally “promote justice and equity by preventing current and repairing historic oppression to the frontline and vulnerable communities,” according to Ocasio-Cortez.

She is talking about nationalizing the energy industry and controlling jobs and wages, just like Nicolas Maduro, someone she admires and supports.


Wake up and smell the burning of our economic system.

Socialists and Communists see the green movement as a way to turn capitalist countries into communist nations. They hope to see a global energy market at some point.

A very high profile anti-Capitalist from Canada named Naomi Klein, an adviser to the Pope, has said what many in the U.N. have said — we need to overturn Capitalism.

Klein spoke at Occupy Wall Street, is, according to the Guardian, is a “ferocious critic of Capitalism”, and a secular radical.

In November 2011, writing for The Nation, she called for drastic economic changes to address climate change. She has described her economic views as “intellectually cataclysmic” for Conservatives. She’s also a member of a George Soros environmental group called 350.

Klein hung out with and spoke to the Occupy Wall Streeters in 2011. In the video on this link, you can hear her chanting with the collectivists about the evil of Capitalism.


Several analysts, meanwhile, have cautioned that the Socialists, who Fox News mislabels as a liberal firebrand, is in over her head, even though the as-yet vague and uncertain details about the Green New Deal render a precise calculation impossible at the moment. Physicist Christopher Clack told The Hill that the cost would easily be into the trillions.

Not only that, it can’t be done. Institute for Energy Research president Tom Pyle stated: “One hundred percent renewable energy defies the laws of physics. It would be impossible to achieve.”

Everyone wants to know what happens to the jets, They will all be grounded and that’s just for starters.

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