AOC Lies Viciously, Calls Detention Facilities ‘Concentration Camps’


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC as she likes to be called, is falsely claiming to her naive followers that detention facilities are ‘detention camps,’ and she keeps saying it.

She’s a terrible liar, and how dare she compare the facilities to Hitler gas camps. What a despicable woman.

How dare she use the expression, “Never again.” Someone needs to tie her to a chair and make her watch, ‘Escape from Sobibor.” She is absolutely awful.

The internment camp she refers to is the Fort Sill Army Base, the same facility Barack Obama used for the illegal entrants.

She is the fascist who wants to control every aspect of our lives and she ignores the fact that the solution is for her Democrat colleagues to take action against illegal immigration. It is what the American people want.

The nasty little liar calls the President a Hitler when he is trying to do everything imaginable to stop the invasion and the harm done to the illegal aliens as they travel here. It is not his fault, but it is the fault of Democrats.


Hopefully, she won’t be re-elected. Her polling numbers in her district of Queens and the Bronx are very low.

According to Stop The AOC Pac, she has a low 21% favorability rating with 11% believing she has their best interests in mind. Only 13% would reelect her.

In March, Vox reported:

A Quinnipiac poll released on Thursday morning found that 23 percent of Americans had a favorable view of the member of Congress, while 36 percent had an unfavorable view — a -13 overall approval rating …

This new poll isn’t a one-off finding. Three prior surveys — one in January from Morning Consult, one in February from Fox, and a third in mid-March from Gallup — all found that more Americans had negative views of AOC than had positive ones.

In March, The Daily Wire also reported: “The findings of the Siena College poll of New Yorkers taken between March 10-14 prompted Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg to say, ‘Only 12 percent call her hero, while 38 percent label her a villain.'”

She must go. Alexandria Ocasioo-Cortez is too dangerous, too stupid, and too dishonest.

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