AOC says housing is a right! There are so many reasons why it’s not


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the communistic U.S. representative from New York, says housing is a right which means, at some point, we’d all be obligated to pay for other peoples’ rents in some fashion.

The woman wants price controls like the Maduros of the world. Great idea since it worked out so well for Venezuela.

As usual, she knows nothing about the Constitution or the economy.

If the landlords are gouging, as she thinks, that can be investigated by the government without calling it a right.

As is the usual case with her, she throws out generalized derogatory allegations without presenting evidence or even researching before she talks.

The socialists think everything is a right except the Bill of Rights.

Is there a better way to destroy the country and our free market system than to put in rent and price controls? It’s also a great way to discourage investors. If she wants to keep owners from improving their properties, this is the best approach.

She has been pushing this since day one.


In May, at a Bronx town hall she was heard saying, “We have to make sure that housing is being legislated as a human right.”

“What does that mean? What it means is that our access and our ability and our guarantee to having a home comes before someone else’s privilege to earn a profit.”

She also wants universal rent control.

Free housing for deadbeats, grifters, people who can’t pay the bills, will be included in her legislation and everyone who earns decent money will pay. She wants no restrictions.

AOC is the one who said her Green New Deal includes income for people who don’t want to work.

“Housing is one of the most complicated policy issues that we have period,” the dumb Dem icon continued. “Because you have everything from city council, from how things are zoned to state rent laws, to federal tax breaks and all of it comes together to make a picture that all too often enriches people who are already powerful and impoverishes people who are already vulnerable and we cannot allow that to happen anymore.”

She wants a Third World welfare state with profits, if there are any to be had, to be meted out by the centralized government.

The problem is she is unAmerican and trying to overturn our form of government. She is a Third World thug. In her mind, she and her cronies have the right to steal other people’s’ money to fulfill their agenda and tell all of us what to do.

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