AOC says public housing is just like her luxury apt


Mother Jones, a hard-left Soros publication, reports that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) spoke with New Yorkers at a town hall in the Bronx Thursday evening. Her topic was affordable housing as a human right. It was hosted by Housing Justice for All, a hard-left group.


Addressing the audience of renters, she asked rhetorically, “What does that mean? It means that our access and our guarantee to having a home comes before someone else’s privilege to earn a profit.”

Currently, O-C says she is pushing a package of housing bills for universal rent control in New York.

That would certainly eliminate the profit she despises, but it would also eliminate incentive to own and rent apartments with all the expenses and headaches that come with it. It’s the kind of thing Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela.

Everything has to be ‘universal’ — big government controlled by socialists/communists who can get all their funding from the bottomless taxpayer purse.

Ocasio-Cortez also plans to re-introduce the Fair Chance at Housing Act in the House to ease restrictions to federally-subsidized housing, particularly for tenants with previous criminal convictions. She told attendees that Sen. Kamala Harris is considering introducing it in the Senate, as well. “We have been conditioned to think that basic rights are a luxury and a privilege when they are not,” she said.

Landlords will likely end up with a lot of felons.


The Yorktown girl also laments that her Congressional responsibilities forced her to rent a luxury DC apartment. Interestingly, not all members of Congress have felt the same way or do the same. Some sleep in their offices.

AOC compared her thousands of dollars a month luxury apartment with her infinity pool and massage rooms to NYC public housing during her speech in the clip below. There is no difference according to her.

She claims that all must have the fine housing she has — which is just like government housing –before anyone can make a profit. It’s a right!

The representative from the Bronx is the elite and she is a communist. The rest of us will be the serfs.

Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 sent the Sentinel a new plan for Vertical Villages with mixed use and no zoning laws. It is the same old Agenda 21 plan that eliminates all zoning and mixes high-rises with shopping centers. There won’t be a need for cars in these socially engineered villages. It will incorporate public transportation.

It is what the elites wants for us and it means the end of those one acre plots and country living.

They make it sound luxurious, but it will go the way of all government engineered communities have gone throughout history.

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