AOC Says Illegal Aliens Are Her Constituents [They Probably Vote Too]


The pot stirrers in Congress have been busy.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib published an op-ed Wednesday saying “now is the time” to impeach President Donald Trump. This comes days after Speaker Pelosi said now is not the time.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is accusing The Hill of “othering” her after they wrote a perfectly fine piece about her. Because of her and her cohorts, she appears to have gotten Judge Jeanine off the air temporarily or permanently.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal is screaming for socialist medicine and socialism in general. Rep. Ayanna Pressley hung a photo of Communist agitator Shirley Grisholm in her office.

Rep. Alexandria OCommie-Cortez wants to impeach our President while treating illegal aliens as a voting bloc.

The freshman Representative from New York referred to illegal immigrants as her “constituents” during a Thursday House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing. She means it.

They Probably Vote Too.


That is not surprising. She also thinks all Latin American people have the right to immigrate illegally to the United States — it’s their land. You can hear her say it in the second half of the next clip.

She says we’ve “gotta have RESPECT” for the aliens. Here’s an idea, why don’t AOC and the aliens have respect for our laws?

She begins in the clip by lying, claiming the President doesn’t like any form of immigration. At about 02:15, she starts with the bit about “human mobility being a right”…”we’re standing on native land, and Latino people are descendants of native people.” She and they cannot be criminalized “because of our status,” she said.

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