AOC says she built, funded, established, created, fought for all the freebies


It stands to reason that entitled and delusional go hand-in-hand. They do in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s case.

The woman thinks that stealing other peoples’ wealth for her freebies is not a handout, but fair compensation. She and her comrades think they deserve other peoples’ stuff just by virtue of their existence.

“I’m tired of this idea that Medicare for All and tuition-free public colleges are some handout from somebody else,” she told a crowd of her greedy supporters.

“Nobody else is giving us a damn thing,” she said to applause. “We build this on our own. We fund it. We establish it. We fight for it. We create it. And no one should be able to take it away from us as they have been. So that’s that on that.”

That’s the illogic that comes from the politics of envy and greed.

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