AOC stars in a new Netflix documentary about her rise to socialist stardom


Netflix has released the trailer for a new docu-fake drama about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three other socialists who recently ran for office. It traces their rise to power. It’s a Sundance winner.

The hardcore leftists at Justice Democrats own these women. The socialist group produced the slick documentary that got AOC elected and now have another film to promote her and three others just like her. It’s supposed to be a feel-good experience, but it’s pure propaganda.

These hard left people pretend they are the moral ones, the ones who represent American values. That mantra started with Barack Obama.

They aren’t moral, but they have the media locked up. With the media, they seem unstoppable.

Take AOC as an example of immoral. She lies constantly, almost every day in fact.

She rushed to politicize the horrific terrorist attacks in New Zealand last month, tweeting approximately 14 times about the attack. She has not, however, tweeted about the hundreds of Christians murdered at churches in Sri Lanka on Easter by Islamic terrorists. Sorry, but that’s not moral.

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Toasted Hazelnut Bliss
Toasted Hazelnut Bliss
4 years ago

Super hero movies are for children and stars are up in the sky. It sounds like a surefire cure for insomnia and I know some box wine aunties who will tune in.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Amen where are the big three on the bombings on Easter Sunday? In reality they represent ‘The Terrorist Caucus in the House’ read in FPM by David Horwitz.