AOC — Talking Tina — is fighting with Liz Cheney Now


Rep. Liz Cheney commented on a false statement Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made at a town hall on CNN. AOC claimed that Republicans had to pass an amendment so FDR couldn’t serve another term in office.

“They had to amend the constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get reelected. There were so many extraordinary things that were happening at that time that were uniting working people,” she continued.” AOC said.

No reasonable person at the time thought the feeble FDR would make it to another term.

Roosevelt running for office for more than two terms did spark the debate, but he was long dead by the time it passed. It passed Congress, with bipartisan agreement in 1947, and it was ratified in 1951. It is unlikely she was aware of that nuanced beginning.

The 22nd Amendment she referenced was passed after Roosevelt died and there was a grandfather clause which meant his fourth term would not have been affected.

There are no circumstances under which it would have applied to him unless he planned to run a fifth or sixth time and it was quickly ratified. The U.S. simply didn’t want a king or queen, as per the precedent set by George Washington.

Harry S. Truman, who served after FDR, was the last President who was eligible to serve more than two terms. Eisenhower was the first President affected by the amendment.

As a wartime President, and an arrogant one, it was understandable that Roosevelt would want to stay in office throughout the war, but by Yalta, he gave the store away to Stalin. Another term or two of FDR would have been a disaster for America. Roosevelt wasn’t effective domestically either.

Cheney mocked her.

AOC responds to everything. She’s like a Talking Tina doll.

Newsweek came to her rescue and said the idea for the amendment came up in 1944 before Roosevelt died. True but there is little chance AOC understood that when you consider her entire statement. There is no way the amendment was intended to interfere “with the extraordinary things that were happening at that time that were uniting working people,” as she claimed.

There were no extraordinary things happening. FDR did for Russia what Germany tried to accomplish through war, and no shots were fired.

Cheney turned around and mocked her again.

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4 years ago

Keep it UP LIZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to Tell this Ignorant person the Truth !!!!!!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Some Republicans are gonna have fun making a fool out of AOC, which she richly deserves as she attempts to play political games. Also the decision was bipartisan to avoid making anyone a king or a queen.