AOC Triples Down! Says US Runs Internment Camps & Is Killing People


What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did by claiming detention facilities for illegal aliens are concentration camps was no less than Holocaust denial. She minimized concentration camps to such an extent as to relegate them to a non-event.

She even used the expression, “never again.”

Two Holocaust survivors addressed the issue. She hurt them, but she will not apologize. Instead, the witless woman has doubled own, and today, she tripled down.

Today, the communist AOC is ranting about toothbrushes and internment. AOC said “the GOP has supported building mass concentration camps on the southern border. Kids & families are dying.”

It’s absolutely untrue and a terrible, vicious claim.

She issued a statement with three other communists in Congress, Pressley, Omar, and Tlaib. They accused America of killing the aliens. They want ICE abolished.

All the President is doing is trying to follow the existing laws and these communistas want open borders — no vetting and no detention.

This gentleman responded.

Listen to Omar:

The latest from the horribles is that the Republicans won’t give even soap or toothbrushes to the children. That fact is they’re out of money within the next two weeks. Agents have been buying things for these kids with their own money. Has any one of these Democrats considered their responsibility to supply funds or the responsibility of the parents to not do this to their children?

Ryan Saavedra of Daily Wire offers this observation:

DHS: We are being flooded by illegals; need resources ASAP

Dems: This is Trump’s “fake crisis”

DHS: We need resources to care for these people

Dems: OMG, Trump is being cruel toward these migrants!

DHS: Please, we need more resources ASAP

Dems: We must defund

DHS: abolish ICE/CBP


America is a great country, a generous country, a beacon for the world, and all she does is lie about us.

“Freedom is the right to say ‘no'” Say ‘no’ to AOC and communism.

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